Monday, October 19, 2009

A Busy Yet Fast Day

This morning I woke up feeling sort of dizzy, you know, the one that you get on Mondays, well, anyway, I always get them, just on Monday though. After I got ready for school and was on the road, I felt tired, and that was sometimes normal but not today. By the time I got to school that tiredness had disapeared. I was so excited I got to finish raking the yard and that I had bought something online, I was just so excited! I thought math was going to be boring, but it turned out to be a little fun, even though I had to be partnered with a boy for games, it was pretty fun. Now reading bored me alot, we didn't even get to do the play I wrote. After school I went to swim and I expected for that to be really hard but she actually made it really easy. Swim went pretty fast and when I got home I was exhausted. I thought about laying down, but that is just wasting time and I had homework. Right now I am about to go lay down and go to sleep so I can forget that busy yet fast day.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know you got dizzy on mondays. Anything I can do to help you on that one?

    I'm glad you got to order your "something". And wow, you spelled exhausted right, hmmmmmm.

    Love you sweetie--I'm going to pick you up for lunch now. I can't wait to see you. You are beautiful and I am sooooo proud of you!
    your best friend,