Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just a couple days ago I was reading my mom's blog and what I really noticed is that she really loves my baby brother Chase. I had noticed she loved him the day he was born but I never really thought of it like this. My mom loves all four of us it's just that she never had to loose the three of us until Chase had passed away. It was very hard to believe it and I had never missed anybody more than I have missed Chase. I have had a different expirence than most other girls and some people would say that their brother or sister are a mess but losing them is so very hard to deal with, they are the people who make you who you are. And no matter what anybody says, I will love my brothers and sister.


  1. You are my angel. I love you EJ. When you said "my mom loves all four of us it's just that she never had to lose the three of us until Chase passed away," I think you meant I never knew how MUCH I loved you guys until I lost one of you. And indeed, you are right. I don't think you ever know how much you love someone or something until you don't have them there to give your love to. Suddenly you have all this "extra" love and that person is gone that you were going to give it to. Then you really feel how much you love them. I am thankful that I have you and Kalry and Reese here on earth with me so that I can dump some of that "extra" love I had in my heart into each ofyou guys.

    I'm sorry EJ. That we are going through this. I hate it. But I love that we have each other to get through it with.

  2. I love you too mom and this a very sad time for all of us. You kind of speelled Karly wrong. I love you so much.