Monday, October 5, 2009

Everyday Life

Living ordinary every day life is what my life is sometimes about except that I lost something very important, something valuable and special, I lost my baby brother. Life has been very hard and I can't forget him, and I hope I never will. I go to school like any other girl does, I do a sport like every girl does, but I lost a brother like nobody has, when I lost him I didn't just loose a brother, it felt like I had just lost a peace of my heart. My family has had some very hard times since then, including me. But even though I have felt the loss of a baby brother thinking of him makes me smile. Sometimes thinking of him makes me think, " Chase had fought so hard just to see me and I should make him happy by doing good in school and in swimming." and that is what makes me do in school and that is what makes me kick harder in swimming.

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