Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boulder Boulder

I know I haven't 'written a while, but I had a very, very long visit. First, we went to my mom's sister's house. We ran the bolderboulder, and boy was that hard. The worst part was that my cousin Sam (blond older looking kid in picture on top) didn't tell me that I was supposed to stretch until the race was over, so I was stuck having my legs sore for the rest of the visit. Then, after a week at my aunt's house, we went to my cousin's house, (the cousin's in the picture obove) for two weeks. We played like crazy!! But the few last days we were there, we started to get a little homesick. We missed our dad and our pets, (our dad went home two weeks earlier) so we started heading home. For the first part of our drive, we were ok, drove for 5 hours and then stopped at our aunt's house again to stay the night so the next day we could drive 10 more hours to get home. My aunt Meg has two children. One two years old and the other one month old. The two year old's name is Gracie. She follows like her dad, the comedian of the family. She is as funny as two year old come! And the month old baby's name is Beckum. Beck is sooo tiny. He's tinier than Chase was. When I got to hold Beckum. He didn't remind me of Chase that much, but I knew Chase sent him to earth safely. My mom and I thought the same thing. That's when I knew I have my own personal gardian angel watching over me.