Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As the days go by

Today the wind has really been gusty. My dad even made me stay inside just because of it. Of course now I know why he made me stay inside because a huge dead tree fell down right in front of our neighbors drive way. But he has two drive ways so he will be all right. The wind might be yucky but I think of it as Chase blowing me kisses. It sometimes makes me a little bit sadder. I know the wind brings everybody's mood to a crappy feeling but I think it is better to try to make memories than crappy feelings. I miss Chase so very much and it is so easy to think of Chase as a beautiful angel up in Heaven. I think my life has changed since then in good and bad ways. Days have gone by so very fast and I miss when I got to see and hold Chase. If I could hold Chase one more time and say one more thing for him to here, all I would say is, "Hey buddy, it's your big sis and I love you so much and I never, ever wanted you to go."Even though I would be crying my heart out I would mean it with all of my heart. Even though it might be hard to tell people who you are, don't be the one who gets lost in the crowd, let people know who you are, tell them how many people are in your family, even the ones who aren't here on earth. That's what I do, and it makes me feel good. But don't forget, make yourself comfortable. Do what makes you feel good. If you do what usually makes you happy, it'll make you feel good. Chase is my youngest brother and I am not going to forget him no matter what. I love him.


  1. Oh Emma! You are such a loving big sister...Karly, Reese, and Chase are soooo blessed to have you as their big sister! I'm so proud of you. You have taken into your heart more pain than any big sister should ever have to (no matter what her age is!) and you continue to show your love for your sister and brothers. YOU are awesome! :)

    I love that Chase blows you kisses...and many other signs from heaven. I know that he's with all of us ~ alive in our hearts. I'm glad it makes you feel good to talk about Chase...I love talking about him, too! xx

    Love you, EJ!
    Aunt Lyn

  2. Miss Emma-
    What a joy your are to be around! I am so proud of you when you dance or swim or talk about being a big sister. You are growing into a very special young woman. I know that God is happy that you are taking care of your mom too!

    Love you-

  3. Thank you, Dana, I miss Chase sooo much, and I hope I get to see him again