Monday, October 19, 2009

A Busy Yet Fast Day

This morning I woke up feeling sort of dizzy, you know, the one that you get on Mondays, well, anyway, I always get them, just on Monday though. After I got ready for school and was on the road, I felt tired, and that was sometimes normal but not today. By the time I got to school that tiredness had disapeared. I was so excited I got to finish raking the yard and that I had bought something online, I was just so excited! I thought math was going to be boring, but it turned out to be a little fun, even though I had to be partnered with a boy for games, it was pretty fun. Now reading bored me alot, we didn't even get to do the play I wrote. After school I went to swim and I expected for that to be really hard but she actually made it really easy. Swim went pretty fast and when I got home I was exhausted. I thought about laying down, but that is just wasting time and I had homework. Right now I am about to go lay down and go to sleep so I can forget that busy yet fast day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I miss him

Today was Chase's sixth month birthday, it was kind of hard though, I thought of him all day. One thing came down to feeling sorry for Reese. I thought, Poor Reese, he never got to really say that he had a brother on earth and now he is a big brother. We all got a chance to smile and be proud of ourselves, we all got to hold Chase and Karly got to hold Reese and I did too, and then I got to hold Karly. But Reese didn't get to hold Chase, he got to hold Chase's little finger and tell him to keep fighting, and I think that when Chase heard Reese say that he was happy, he knew his older brother really loved him. Sometimes when I am sad or I miss Chase, I hold the blanket that he had over him, or I read the book my mom made for me from Chase, and I even listen to the song I sang at his funeral. That is all I have to do to think of him even though I don't have to have that stuff to think of him those things help me sometimes. If I was talking to him right now all I want him to know is, "I love you Chase."

Friday, October 9, 2009

To much for one week!!

Today is the last week day of this week and my mom said I should stay home just so I won't get sick again. Even though I will have a seven day weekend, I think I will only have a three day weekend, you know, because the other four days I was sick. Well anyway, it has been a hard week, I even found out that my little cousin had a birthday yesterday, (the one in the blue butterfly suit in the main picture at the top) but one of the most important things that I learned while I was sick was that there are more than one hundred more cases of little parts of the swine flu in the hospital!! Yes, they're not at home like I was, they are in the hospital. I am very happy and lucky that I was not sent to the hospital. Oh, and I think that was just in New Mexico. I got a fever that went to one hundred four or five! But don't worry, it's back down to the normal temp.. But that was a challenging week, don't you think?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just a couple days ago I was reading my mom's blog and what I really noticed is that she really loves my baby brother Chase. I had noticed she loved him the day he was born but I never really thought of it like this. My mom loves all four of us it's just that she never had to loose the three of us until Chase had passed away. It was very hard to believe it and I had never missed anybody more than I have missed Chase. I have had a different expirence than most other girls and some people would say that their brother or sister are a mess but losing them is so very hard to deal with, they are the people who make you who you are. And no matter what anybody says, I will love my brothers and sister.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Today was an un-ordinary day

Today was an un-ordinary day, for the first time this year, I got sick. It wasn't very pleasant though, beacause first I had a little headache, that turned out to be a big fever. Here's how it happened, I had a little headache to start out with, and then about 20 minutes later it got worse, of course, during math. I don't know what it is, it's either I don't like math or I just wasn't feeling very good. My friend was the one who ended up persuading me to tell the teacher that I had a headache, and by the time I told her my head was feeling worse. She said my head didn't feel warm but she sent me to the nurse anyway. When I got to the nurse she said my temperture was rising so she called my mom and dad but neither of them answered so I just had to lay there. Finally my dad called the nurse back and said he would pick me up. When we got home I had to lay down, of course. I feel a little better now but my dad won't let me go outside. What a horrable day, don't you think?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Everyday Life

Living ordinary every day life is what my life is sometimes about except that I lost something very important, something valuable and special, I lost my baby brother. Life has been very hard and I can't forget him, and I hope I never will. I go to school like any other girl does, I do a sport like every girl does, but I lost a brother like nobody has, when I lost him I didn't just loose a brother, it felt like I had just lost a peace of my heart. My family has had some very hard times since then, including me. But even though I have felt the loss of a baby brother thinking of him makes me smile. Sometimes thinking of him makes me think, " Chase had fought so hard just to see me and I should make him happy by doing good in school and in swimming." and that is what makes me do in school and that is what makes me kick harder in swimming.